• Marketing During Corona Times!!
    Marketing During Corona Times!! Cover Photo Source So you want to market yourself? Cannot afford to have a marketing campaign? Times are hard but you still want to grow your business? Truth be told, we have never had such a captive audience like we do now.. people are bored! They are surfing the Internet.. letting […]
  • 6 Businesses That Exhibit Child Brainstorming
    (Cover Photo Source) 6 Businesses That Exhibit Child Brainstorming I love brainstorming with kids. They have 0 inhibitions and no fear!! Having an idea and flying with it on a paper pad is a fantastic way to start a business. Here are some examples where brainstorming with your kid can lead you: Beija-Flor Jeans: Kathy […]
  • “Child’s Play”
    (Cover Photo Source) Being small and brave is the nectar of this story. “No Fear “creativity by children is to be noted by many of us adults. From “there ought to be’s “, to fidgeting in the basement, to borrowing from mom and dad, to pitching to neighbors.. products are constantly being born by little […]
  • “Visionaries”
    “Visionaries “ You can have vision for your business without even being able to see! Here are some examples of some successful business owners that illuminated the way in their communities. Photo Source Isaac Lidsky Isaac Lidsky is a prime example of a successful, inspiring and skilled entrepreneur who lives with blindness. Not only is […]
  • Megababe’s Kate Sturino
    Katie Sturino.. She’s just another girl, like any one of us except…she’s the Founder of Megababe! What a woman!! A trend predictor!!! She sees a problem and she wants to fix it!! People won’t talk about these small embarrassing issues like thigh rubbing in the summer… beautiful smelly pits? She has the solution! Need bust refreshing? Try […]
  • Bold Entrepreneur Moms
    Michelle Kennedy (Photo Credit Source) Michelle Kennedy is the 35 year old founder of the free application, Peanut. This application aims to connect mothers by providing a network through which women that are like-minded and going through much of the same experiences as mothers. Michelle Kennedy is a daring entrepreneur that previously worked as the Deputy […]
  • Finding Start-Up Partners
    (Image Source) “Finding Start-Up Partners” It’s easier than you think!!! Have you ever wanted to start a business but had your reservations if you could do it alone? My opinion, never go at it alone. I read this somewhere: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go at […]
  • Courses Education Entrepreneurs
    So many things to enjoy learning about. You are painting your own self portrait! What colors will you be? What idea will you represent? What value do you bring to your community? Whom will you touch with your advice and expertise? What lives will you enrich? Here are some courses that you can take to […]
  • Daring Entrepreneur Moms
    There are many mothers that find they want to stay home with their children, and yet still work. Here, I have recently come across a few examples that I would like to share with you. Erin Schurtz Erin Schurtz is a daring entrepreneur mom who was inspired by motherhood in the beginning of  her pregnancy, to […]
  • Celebs who said ” SO WHAT ? ” after being Rejected
    Attribution: photo by Alan Light 6/5/19 1. Oprah Winfrey Oprah has had many rejections in her life during her beginning years. She is currently known for hosting a globally recognized tv show of  25 years. Today, she even owns her own television network. This was not always the case however. The defining moment for Oprah […]
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